Laravel 5 – Simple Location-Based Social Network

It’s location-based social network developed by lvntayn, theoneremains and koniqwe using the Laravel PHP framework.

Live – https://around.kim

Demo Pages – https://github.com/lvntayn/laravel-social-network/tree/master/public/images/demo

Direct Download – https://github.com/lvntayn/laravel-social-network


  • git clone https://github.com/lvntayn/laravel-social-network.git projectname
  • cd projectname
  • composer install
  • php artisan key:generate to regenerate secure key
  • create new database and edit .env file for DB settings
  • php artisan migrate —seed
  • edit .env file for APP configuration and Google API Configuration
  • storage, bootstrap/cache and public/cache directories should be writable
  • php artisan storage:link
  • php artisan serve



  • Create a profile with a username, profile picture, cover picture, bio and personal information
  • Share Posts, Images
  • Find, follow your friends and send direct message to them
  • Make comments on Posts, Images
  • Like Posts, Images
  • Follow new events with notifications
  • Add hobbies
  • Become a member of a hobby group automatically and interact with other people
  • Hide your profile by sharing your location. Let only the people around you to have access to communicate with you
  • Find people around you at the same location, having same hobby and become a member of an automatically created hobby group


  • There are 7 pages. which are Home Page for Login and Sign Up, TimeLine, Direct Messages and Profile you know.
  • Nearby page is for seeing people around you.
  • Groups are created automatically for people who share the same hobby. You can see group posts in groups page if you added that specific hobby.
  • Following & Followers page shows the list of followers and people you are following.

Packages Included

  • alexpechkarev/google-maps
  • barryvdh/laravel-debugbar
  • barryvdh/laravel-ide-helper
  • nesbot/carbon


  • PHP 5.6.4
  • MySQL